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In Memoriam

Over the years, we have been honoured to receive a number of memorial donations. Thank you to our many thoughtful donors who have chosen to make gifts to HCF in memory of loved ones listed below.
This list has been updated to reflect donations as of December 31, 2023 and will be updated every 6 months.

  • Raymond Ammeter

  • Bernice Anderson

  • Aldyne Barrett

  • Bob Barrett

  • Margaret Gray Bell

  • Sheila Brodie

  • Carol Bruce

  • Charlene Buchmiller
  • Eunice Bulloch
  • K. and H. Burnell
  • Jeffrey Carlson
  • Christian Caron
  • Gilles August Caron
  • Louis Caron
  • Lorne Christianson
  • David Clifford
  • John Curry
  • Wendy Dovzuk
  • Ronald Fast
  • Sharon Garland

  • Philip Grant

  • Michael Harzing

  • Thomas Hemphill

  • James Hood

  • Frank & Shan Hornby

  • Pat Hutton

  • Jarl Johner

  • Win, Bob, Charles & Ruth Keep

  • John & Helen Keough

  • John Killbery

  • Dr. Dennis Klassen

  • Ron Lambert

  • Maurice Lannoo

  • John Kenneth MacEachern

  • Sharon Mason

  • John Mauseth Sr.

  • Leslie McCann

  • Ruby McGuckin

  • Dr. Marcel Mollot

  • Kelly Moss

  • Kathleen Peterson

  • Jean Pycock 

  • Bobby Mac Reeves

  • Ian Ruth

  • John Spillet

  • Alida & Marcel Taillieu

  • Garth Taillieu

  • Wilfred Taillieu

  • Ed Turner

  • John Van Massenhoven

  • Larry Whyte

  • Herbert Wilks

  • Jeff Wood

  • Carole Ann Zyha

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Make a Memorial Donation Today

By making a memorial donation, you are helping to ensure that the legacy of a loved one will be remembered for years to come. Your donation will help support the causes that were important to them and make a positive difference in the community. 

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