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Headingley Library Fund Gets 2021/2022 Grant!

The Headingley Community Foundation is proud to award another local nonprofit, the Headingley Municipal Library (HML), with $778.00. This is their annual grant from their HML Fund. Little known fact: The 2022 provincial reports state that 57% of Headingley residents have a Headingley Library membership! (To compare - Winnipeg's is 13%). Proof that we are so very fortunate to have such an engaged and vibrant institution in our community! A big thank you to Deborah Thorlakson, who single handedly started this fund for the Library and continues to invest in it, every year!! YOU TOO CAN INVEST in our great Headingley Library Fund by going to: Click on DONATE and enter Headingley Municipal Library as the fund you wish to support. Photo from L to R: Alison Au, Head Librarian, Deborah Thorlakson, Primary Donor, and Georgia Taillieu, HCF Chair.


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